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Rosie has all of the following:

CKC Registration

OFA Eye, Heart Clearances, Hips, and patellas clear

Embark Genetic Testing

Low / No Shed Coat 

Rosie is a beloved member of our family. She has a wonderful temperament! She is sweet, loving, patient, and smart. She has a beautiful soft coat and when pet by a friend we often hear "Oh! She's SO SOFT!" Her wavy curl and  desirable facial furnishings contribute to her very low to no shed coat.  That, coupled with her English line gives her a teddy bear look. She is 24 lbs and loves to lay at your feet or go for a run.

"Radiant Rosie" is registered with the CKC. We call her plain and simple "Rosie" and she is the joy of our family.  She has been health tested and has OFA eye, cardiac, and patella clearances.  She has had Embark genetic testing and is free of 13 common genetic disorders associated with Golden Retrievers and Poodles. She is also free of 170+  other genetic variants.

As a puppy she took about 2 weeks to potty train. She doesn't bark inside the house,  chew on furniture, or get into things. We are able to leave her home for multiple hours if needed and not worry about her getting into trouble. But rest assured she will great you joyously as soon as you do get home, even if you only left the house for a couple of minutes!  We are so excited for her to be the wonderful mother of these new little puppies. 

During her pregnancy we have fed her a healthy diet of  meat, raw vegetables, and  'fresh pet'  meatloaf style food from the refrigerated dog food section. We feel this provides her and her puppies with vital nutrients in the early developing stages.

We also incorporate raw goats milk when transitioning puppies to kibbles as we feel this incorporates a highly nutritious diet for puppies to grow and thrive.

Thanks for checking us out and  put down your deposit today! These puppies will go fast!!

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